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About the Institute for Health Freedom's Newsletter

Health Freedom Watch

About IHF's Newsletter Health Freedom Watch
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About IHF's Monthly E-Mail Newsletter,
Health Freedom Watch

The Institute for Health Freedom publishes Health Freedom Watch, a monthly e-mail newsletter, to alert the public to regulations and policies that affect their right to make free choices about health care.

We began publishing our newsletter (hardcopy format) in January 1998 and mailed it (bimonthly) to individuals who donated $25 or more (and others who couldn't afford to support IHF but wanted to stay informed).

Starting in January 2005, we began sending our newsletter monthly via e-mail. We still encourage readers to donate at least $25 annually to IHF to support our important mission and help keep many citizens informed!

Click here for a convenient form to make a tax-deductible contribution to IHF.

We will continue publishing a hardcopy version of the newsletter for persons who don't have access to the Internet or prefer reading a hardcopy newsletter. But we need the support of many generous donors to maintain this option. (The hardcopy version will be published quarterly and will include a summary of the monthly e-mail newsletter articles.)

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Health Freedom Watch

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