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The Health Freedom of Choice Index

Does your health care plan allow you to choose your doctor? Are you able to select health care providers such as midwives, optometrists, or psychologists? Answer the questions below to find out how much health freedom your health care plan offers.

Select Y for yes, N for no, or L if your choice is limited.

Examples of limits include:

  1. Your health plan requires you to get permission from your primary care doctor before seeing a medical specialist or other health care provider;
  2. Your health plan restricts the number of days you can stay in the hospital after childbirth; and
  3. Your health plan limits coverage for mental health care.
My health plan covers any: Yes Ltd No
General practitioner
Medical specialist
Physical therapist
Nurse midwife
Nurse practitioner
My health plan covers: Yes Ltd No
Routine physicals
Eye examinations
Prescription drugs
Rehabilitation services
Chiropractic treatments
Mental health care
Maternity care
Home health care

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