This website provides readers an historical perspective on the evolution of various healthcare laws and regulations affecting healthcare freedom and privacy.
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Patients' Rights/
Freedom to Choose

“Uniquely American” Health Reform Should Preserve Freedom
What Do Americans Think of Socialist Policies?
Preparing for Healthy Debate
More Americans Seeking Health Information, Especially on the Internet
Explosive Growth in Medical Tourism and Retail Clinics: Challenges to Health-Care Status Quo on the Rise, Deloitte Center Finds
What Every American Should Know About Single-Payer H.R. 676
Excerpts from H.R. 676
Physicians Group Pushes Single-Payer Bill in Congress
Americans Believe Wounded Iraq War Veterans Are Not Receiving High Quality Medical Care When They Return to the U.S.
Many Americans Want Major Changes in Health Care, Deloitte Survey Finds
Collective Care: Medical Groups, National Accrediting Agency, and Large Employers Promote “Medical Home” Concept
Self-Governing People Shouldn’t Have to Await Tribunal Approval before Making Private Health-Care Decisions
Medical Freedom Initiative Launched in Arizona; Supported by 71 Percent of Voters
Advice for Hillary; Bravo for Stossel
More Facts Needed for Health-Policy Debate
Government Begins to Enforce Conventional Medicine Mandates on Americans
Looking Ahead
How to Ensure Americans Are Informed of Their Right to Reject Routine HIV Screening
Institute of Medicine Reports that Medication Errors Harm 1.5 Million Patients Annually
President Bush and Congress Need Your Input on National Health Reform
Who's Going to Direct Your Health-Care Choices?
Do Canadian Seniors Have More Health Freedom than American Seniors?
Maintaining Americans' National Sovereignty and Access to Dietary Supplements
71 Percent of Older Adults Use Alternative Medicine
HHS Response Ignores Question about "Legal Authority", Raises New Questions about Restrictions on Seniors' Freedom "Inside" the Medicare Program
More Than One-Third of U.S. Adults Use Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Most people who use complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) do so without consulting a licensed practitioner.
Supreme Court upholds right to refuse mind-altering drugs.
The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act: An Assault on Civil Liberties in the Name of Homeland Security - Link to Heritage Foundation Lecture. "You can't defend freedom by eliminating it."
White House Announces Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy - We don't limit Americans' religious freedom to government - approved denominations. We shouldn't limit their health freedom to government - approved medicine either.
Who Decides: The Parents or the FDA?
Ted Kennedy on HMOs: Then and Now - Policymakers should consider how their past health-care proposals have affected today's patients.
Patients' Rights vs. Politicians' Wrongs - No legislation should be deemed a "patients' bill of rights" unless it guarantees the freedom to contract, the freedom to choose natural treatments without FDA interference, and the freedom to maintain confidential doctor-patient relationships.
IHF Hosts Roundtable Discussion of Patients' Rights - The first principle of the Nuremberg Code is "The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential."