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The Final Federal Medical Privacy Rule: The Definitive Guide

March 6, 2003

Does the new Federal Medical Privacy Rule, which goes into effect on April 14, 2003, strengthen or diminish individuals' control over the flow of their personal health information?

The federal government and many health-care industry representatives claim the new Rule enhances Americans medical privacy protections. But privacy advocates and consumer groups point out that the Rule actually eliminates individuals' freedom to give or withhold consent regarding the release of their personal health information to many persons for many purposes.

Who is right? Read the Rule in its entirety and decide for yourself.

Following is an outline of the Federal Medical Privacy Rule with helpful reading tips (key points to consider) in evaluating the Rule, [and] a copy of the Rule (as published in the Code of Federal Regulations) is presented: Outline to "The The Final Federal Medical Privacy Rule: The Definitive Guide."